Camere di nebulizzazione

The spray chamber is a crucial component of the ICP sample introduction system since it has a profound effect on transport efficiency, precision, and washout. Glass Expansion revolutionized the spray chamber design for the ICP industry with the Tracey and Twister cyclonic spray chamber, providing improved efficiency and reduced washout. Glass Expansion's unique Helix oring free nebulizer interface, provides a zero dead volume seal that results in higher throughput compared to non-Glass Expansion designs.

Upgrade your ICP sample introduction system with a Glass Expansion Helix spray chamber today. Please view our product video and helpful links below to find the best spray chamber to suit your needs and learn more about the Glass Expansion difference.

Spray Chamber Literature

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Simultaneous Multi-Element Analysis by Pneumatic Nebulization and Hg by Cold Vapor with the Glass Expansion HydraMist Spray Chamber

Improved Washout with the Glass Expansion Helix CT Cyclonic Spray Chamber

Effect of Chilled Spray Chamber Design on ICP-MS Performance

2014 October Newsletter - ICP Spray Chamber Update