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Improve the Productivity and Precision of your ICP Laboratory

Il dispositivo Niagara Plus sfrutta la tecnologia a iniezione di flusso per ridurre i tempi di analisi, l’impatto ambientale e i costi di esercizio:

Oltre ai vantaggi ambientali e relativi costi, il Niagara Plus migliora significativamente le prestazioni analitiche:

Niagara II module with positive displacement pump and control module

The Niagara Plus provides enhanced performance through unique design features:

New Control Module

The new Niagara Plus CM is controlled by a dedicated control module rather than the instrument PC. The benefits are:

Part Number Description
KT-1118 Niagara Plus CM (requires autosampler probe)
KT-1127 Niagara Plus CM for HF with Uptake Syringe


A mounting bracket is required for most ICP models. Choose from the following:

Part Number ICP Model
70-803-0979 Agilent ® 7700/7900/8800
70-803-0906 Bruker Aurora 800
70-803-1141 21-809-2768 PerkinElmer ® Optima 2/4/5/7/8000 DV
21-809-4143 Spectro™ Arcos/SpectroBlue™ with cyclonic spray chamber
No bracket required Agilent ® Vista/700-ES Radial
No bracket required Agilent ® 4100 MP-AES
No bracket required Spectro™ MS
70-803-1141 All other models

The Niagara Plus requires a 1.0mm ID autosampler probe for correct operation. Select one of the following probes:

Part Number Description
70-803-0793 Teflon Encapsulated Carbon Fibre Probe 1.0mm ID (suitable for Cetac ASX-520)
70-803-0816 Teflon Encapsulated Carbon Fibre Probe 1.0mm ID (suitable for PerkinElmer ® S-10 or AS-93+)
70-803-0853 Teflon Encapsulated Carbon Fibre Probe 1.0mm ID (suitable for Agilent ® SPS-3/SPS-4 or AIM-3600)
60-703-0533 Teflon Encapsulated Carbon Fibre Probe 1.0mm ID (suitable for Agilent ® I-AS)

Part Number 70-803-1298, SPS-4 Cable and Software kit, is also needed to operate the Niagara Plus CM with the Agilent ® SPS-4 autosampler

If your autosampler is not listed here, please contact Glass Expansion at

Il pacchetto Niagara Plus include:

Solitamente i campioni vengono analizzati in un’ora.
Normale tempo di ciclo per il Niagara Plus confrontato con il normale ICP standard.

Fase 1: riempimento anello
La pompa volumetrica a pistoni riempie rapidamente l’anello del campione. Allo stesso tempo, vengono erogate al nebulizzatore le soluzioni di risciacquo e di standard interno, lavando il nebulizzatore e la camera di nebulizzazione e garantendo anche che venga mantenuta la stabilità del plasma.

Fase 2: aspirazione campione
La valvola del Niagara commuta in posizione in modo che la soluzione di risciacquo spinga il campione nel nebulizzatore. Lo standard interno viene mischiato con il campione all’interno della valvola. Allo stesso tempo, la sonda campionatrice automatica e il tubo di prelievo del campione vengono risciacquati dalla pompa a pistoni. Tenere presente che il campione non entra in contatto con il tubo della pompa peristaltica in nessuna fase della procedura.

Spare Parts and Consumables for Niagara Plus

Spares for Niagara Plus
70-803-1113 Niagara CM Module without Valve or Accessories
70-803-0814 Replacement 7-port Valve for Niagara Plus or Assist
70-803-0722 Replacement 12-port Valve for Niagara Plus or Assist
KT-1128 Uptake Pump CM
70-803-1114 Control Module Kit
70-803-1171 Control Module without Accessories
70-803-1172 CM Power Supply
70-803-1173 Serial Extension Cable
70-803-1174 CM USB Control Cable
2518 Ratchet Connector and Seal - Collared
70-803-0789 Direct Nebulizer Fitting for Niagara
21-809-3352 Niagara Mount for IsoMist
70-803-0821 UniFit Nebulizer connector for Niagara 50mm
70-803-0922 EzyFit Nebulizer connector for Niagara 50mm
70-803-0925 FlaredFitNebulizer connector for Niagara 50mm
70-803-0822 Nebulizer connector for Niagara 120mm
70-803-0970 Twin Ratchet Nebulizer connector for Niagara
70-803-1078 Niagara Sample Loop 0.25mL
70-803-1056 Niagara Sample Loop 0.5mL
70-803-1079 Niagara Sample Loop 1.0mL
70-803-0929 Niagara Sample Loop 1.5mL
70-803-0977 Niagara Sample Loop 2.0mL
70-803-0978 Niagara Sample Loop 2.5mL
70-803-1081 Niagara Sample Loop 4.0mL
70-803-1143 Control Module Upgrade Kit
70-803-1186 Acetal Bearing
70-803-1187 Dual Vee Guide Wheel Ecentric
70-803-1188 Dual Vee Guide Wheel Concentric
50-100-1811 Swage Tool for Ratchet Connector
Spares for 7 Port Valve 70-803-0814
70-803-1176 Niagara Plus CM Valve Tubing Kit
70-803-0949 Niagara Plus Valve Tubing Kit, 7 port valve
70-803-0815 Mount Plate, Niagara 7 Port Valve
70-803-0818 Mixer, Niagara 7 Port Valve
70-803-0819 Thrust Washer, Niagara 7 Port Valve
70-803-0907 Body, Niagara 7 Port Valve
70-803-0812 Rotor, Niagara 7 Port Valve
70-803-0813 Rotor Sleeve, Niagara 7 Port Valve
70-803-0820 Mixer Plug, Niagara 7 Port Valve
70-803-0948 Screw for Niagara Valve, M3x10 (pack of 4)
50-100-1754 Rotor Sleeve Alignment and Extraction Tool, Niagara 7 Port Valve
70-803-1126 Stainless Steel Rotor, Niagara 7 Port Valve
Spares for 12 Port Valve 70-803-0722
70-803-0836 Niagara Plus Valve Tubing Kit, 12 port valve
70-803-0690 Mount Plate, Niagara 12 Port Valve (before March 2011)
70-803-0923 Mount Plate, Niagara 12 Port Valve (after March 2011)
70-803-0725 Mixing Chamber, Niagara 12 Port Valve
70-803-0734 Thrust Washer, Niagara 12 Port Valve
70-803-0781 Body, Niagara 12 Port Valve
70-803-0721 Rotor, Niagara 12 Port Valve
70-803-0720 Rotor Sleeve, Niagara 12 Port Valve
70-803-1042 Ratchet Plug
70-803-0948 Screw for Niagara Valve, M3x10 (pack of 4)
50-100-1677 Rotor Sleeve Alignment and Extraction Tool, Niagara 12 Port Valve
Spares for Positive Displacement Pump KT-1128
70-803-1163 Uptake Pump CM without Accessories
70-803-1170 Uptake Pump CM without Accessories with Serial Adaptor
70-803-1177 Pump Tubing Kit for Niagara Plus CM
70-803-0837 Pump Tubing Kit for Niagara Plus
70-803-0867 Replacement FMI Pump Head
70-803-1038 Replacement FMI Pump Head with Motor and Bracket
70-803-0868 Wiper Seals for FMI Pump (PKT 3)
70-803-0869 Installation Tool for FMI Pump Seal
70-803-0945 Gland Nut for FMI Pump
70-803-0946 Teflon Gland Washer for FMI Pump
70-803-0972 Bubble Injector Tee Piece
70-803-0990 Bubble Injector One-Way Valve
70-803-1184 Bubble Injector Valve (inside pump module)
70-803-0966 1/4-28 Male to 1/8" Barb Fitting (PKT 2)

Commenti dei clienti

The Niagara has been running every day, without any problems at all. Itís been a game changer.

Food manufacturer - USA

We use Glass Expansion's Niagara Plus - it has doubled our throughput as well as significantly decreased contact of analyte with tubing etc. resulting in way less carryover issues esp with Boron and Mercury.

Environmental Testing Laboratory - USA

A couple of years ago we purchased a Niagara Plus from you and it is a marvel ! ...... more than doubling the sample analysis per day.

Soil laboratory - New Zealand

I can say without hesitation than the Niagara Plus valving system is the best one we have tested. It is the most reliable, and requires the least amount of maintenence....very important points for us.

Contract laboratory - Canada

The Niagara Plus is amazing and I am zipping through my work.

Environmental laboratory - Canada

We liked the Niagara so much we would like to purchase a second.

Environmental laboratory - USA

(In reference to the Niagara Plus) Everything is going great! I have run several hundred soda samples with no clogs or problems. So far, it is a huge time-saver and reduces a lot of frustration.

Specialty chemicals manufacturer - USA

(In reference to the Niagara Plus) We have reduced the time from 9 mins to 5 mins which is HUGE! Thank you for such great customer service!

Environmental laboratory - USA

The Niagara setup has been working exceptionally on the Agilent ®.

Contract laboratory - Canada

We are very happy with the Niagara Plus. It has greatly increased the productivity of our instruments.

Geochemistry laboratory - Australia

Running a ICP-MS without a Niagara Plus, is like running a ICP-MS without a torch.

Environmental laboratory - USA

We have all instruments using the Niagara Plus and the IsoMist and have increased efficiencies by up to 40% and over-all quality has also shown improvements, so we are very happy with them.

Minerals laboratory - Australia

With Niagara Plus we have found a marked improvement in carry over, productivity, gas and internal standard usage without the loss of sensitivity ... Argon saving would be around 40-50% as sample time has been halved ... Our most noted improvements are Mo from a 0.5 mg/L (standard) carryover could be greater than 20 ug/L, now undetectable less than 4 ug/L, Fe 10 mg/L (standard) used to carry over greater than 5 ug/L, now undetectable less than 2 ug/L.

University environmental laboratory - Australia